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Creating Your Ideal Wedding Reception Schedule at SpringHaus Farm

Creating Your Ideal Wedding Reception Schedule at SpringHaus Farm

Your wedding day is a culmination of love, joy, and a whole lot of detailed planning. Choosing locally owned SpringHaus Farm Wedding & Event Venue, just 15 miles from Athens, Georgia, and known for its local charm and scenic beauty, sets the perfect stage for your dream wedding reception. Opening Fall of 2024! With the right schedule, coordinated with the help of your wedding coordinator & their experienced team, you can plan that every moment will be memorable. Here’s a quick guide to crafting your ideal wedding reception schedule:

Barn rendering SpringHaus Farm
SpringHaus Farm Wedding & Event Venue

There are so many different options you can design at SpringHaus Farm, here are a few time frames to consider:

1. Early Afternoon: Ceremony and Arrival

- 1:00 PM: Guests begin arriving at SpringHaus Farm, greeted by the serene

countryside ambiance.

- 1:30 PM: Ceremony commences at a picturesque spot on the grounds, surrounded by

lush greenery or in a charming barn setting, guided by your chosen officiant.

SpringHaus Farm Pine tree ceremony site
Pine tree Ceremony Site rendering

2. Late Afternoon: Cocktail Hour and Photos

- 2:00 PM: Cocktail hour begins with refreshing drinks and delectable hors d'oeuvres,

allowing guests to mingle and enjoy the scenic views.

- 2:30 PM: Bridal party takes formal photos against the backdrop of SpringHaus Farm’s

natural beauty, capturing timeless memories.

Bar SpringHaus Farm
Cocktail Hour SpringHaus Farm

3. Early Evening: Reception Commencement

- 4:00 PM: Reception kicks off with grand entrances of the newlyweds and bridal party,

followed by toasts and blessings.

- 4:30 PM: Dinner service begins, featuring your caterer, buffet, or sit-down dinner that you and your significant other have arranged and personalized menus tailored to your tastes. At SpringHaus Farm we have an inside and outside option for your meal.

SpringHaus Farm patio
Outdoor seating options SpringHaus Farm

4. Evening Delights: Dancing and Celebrations

- 6:00 PM: First dance as a married couple, followed by parent dances and open dance

floor for all guests to join.

- 7:30 PM: Cake cutting ceremony, sweetening the evening with delicious treats and

photo opportunities.

Cutting the Cake at SpringHaus Farm
Cutting the Cake at SpringHaus Farm

5. Evening Farewell and Send-Off

- 9:00 PM: Final farewells and thanks to guests, with optional late-night bites

or a cozy bonfire under the stars on the patio of SpringHaus Farm.

- 10:00 PM: Departure of the couple, surrounded by bubbles, lighting or lanterns

making it the end of a perfect day at SpringHaus Farm.

Additional Tips:

- Coordination with SpringHaus Farm: Utilize their owner or on-site coordinator as an add-on to ensure seamless transitions and timely execution of events, or hire your wedding coordinator who has gotten to know you personally. Sassy Ginger Events in North Georgia is one of SpringHaus Farm's most recommended wedding coordinators.

Ashley With Sassy Ginger Events
Sassy Ginger Events

- Personal Touches: Incorporate your own personalized decor and music playlists to reflect your unique style and story.

- Flexibility: Remain flexible to accommodate weather changes or spontaneous moments that make your day truly magical.

SpringHaus Farm, with its rustic elegance, large wedding indoor and outdoor spaces, and personalized service, promises to make your wedding reception an unforgettable experience. By planning a well-structured schedule and collaborating closely with your team & SpringHaus Farm, together you can focus on cherishing every moment with your loved ones.

Here’s to celebrating love amidst the beauty of Athens’ countryside at SpringHaus Farm!

In love & friendship,


As always, a big shout out to some of the amazing local venues around the country that we recommend:

The Greenhouse at Arrows Farm:

Last but not least, big thanks to Didi Russell with The Wedding Venue Owners for always supporting the local venues all around the US.

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