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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue: Locally Owned vs. Corporate Owned

When planning your special day, selecting the perfect venue is one of the most critical decisions you'll make (if not the most critical). The choice often comes down to a locally owned venue or a corporate-owned one. Each option has its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks. Here's a detailed look to help you make an informed decision.

The Charm and Unique Advantages of Locally Owned Wedding Venues

1. Personalized Service

Locally owned venues (like SpringHaus Farm) often pride themselves on offering personalized, attentive service. The owners or managers are typically more involved in the day-to-day operations, which means you'll likely work directly with main decision-makers who are fully invested in making your wedding or event day special. This can lead to more flexibility and a willingness to accommodate unique requests.

2. Unique Ambiance and Character

Local wedding & event venues often reflect the character and local charm of their home town surroundings. Whether it's a quaint countryside barn like SpringHaus Farm , 15 miles outside of Athens, Georgia.

Or check out another locally owned wedding venue in Polk County Georgia, Hightower Falls in Cedartown, Georgia!

These locally owned venues tend to have distinctive features and a story behind them, adding a personal touch to your special event or wedding. The hometown ambiance is often more intimate and unique compared to the “standardized” look of corporate venues.

3. Supporting the Local Economy

Choosing a locally owned venue like SpringHaus Farm or Hightower Falls means supporting small businesses within your local community. This practice can actually foster a sense of goodwill and pride, knowing that your event or wedding is contributing to the local economy. Additionally, many local vendors and suppliers may have specific partnerships with these locally owned venues, often leading to cost savings and a more cohesive wedding experience and jobs for the community!

4. Flexibility and Customization

Locally owned wedding & event venues can be more flexible with packages and offerings. They might allow you to bring in your own local caterers, local music & DJs, bakeries and other local vendors, giving you the freedom to tailor your event or wedding to your exact specifications. This flexibility can be a significant advantage if you have a specific vision for your big day.

(Crumbs & Yums Catering, Comer, GA)

(Oh Sweet Bakery , Auburn, GA)

(Sounds Right Entertainment, Atlanta, GA)

Corporate owned venues

Corporate-owned venues often come with a different level of professionalism, customization, price and reliability that can be more standardized and less individualized. These venues usually have standard procedures and staff to handle every aspect of your wedding and are trained to treat each couple the same.

Corporate Owned = Extensive Resources

Large corporate venues often have extensive resources at their disposal. This can include a range of in-house services like catering, decoration, and event coordination, which may simplify a planning process in a non-individualized setting.

Consistency or impersonal?

With corporate venues, you can generally expect a consistent and similar services and quality. These venues operate on standard operating procedures to maintain their brand reputation. If you’re looking for a predictable, possibly impersonal experience, corporate venues may be the way to go.

Corporate Owned Venues can sometimes feel impersonal and standardized. Their strict policies and less flexible nature might not cater to unique or non-traditional requests.

The choice between a locally owned and a corporate-owned wedding venue ultimately depends on your priorities and vision for your big day. If you value personalized service, unique charm, and supporting local businesses, and vendors, a locally owned venue might be the perfect choice.

Whatever you choose, remember that the most important aspect of your wedding is the celebration of your love and commitment.

Special thanks to Didi Russell at Wedding Venue Owners for our weekly wedding venue owners education sessions and all of the wonderful locally owned wedding venue owners around the country! We honor you all today! Cheers! 🥂

In love & friendship,


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