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Planning Your Dream Outdoor Wedding: A Guide to Perfection

Planning Your Dream Outdoor Wedding: A Guide to Perfection with SpringHaus Farm

When it comes to celebrating love, envelope yourself in the beauty of nature! An outdoor wedding offers such a magical setting that can capture the essence of romance, amidst the cascade of pines. Whether you're envisioning rustic or whimsical, you must plan to ensure your dream day unfolds seamlessly. Here’s how you can plan the perfect outdoor ceremony, with a special spotlight on SpringHaus Farm Wedding & Event Venue, nestled just 15 miles outside Athens in Comer, GA.

Choosing the Perfect Venue: SpringHaus Farm

Located amidst serene pines, SpringHaus Farm Wedding & Event Venue is a picturesque nature haven ideal for couples dreaming of an outdoor celebration. This enchanting venue, opening in the fall of 2024, boasts a mature pine tree ceremony site, providing a natural, fairy-tale ambiance. Adjacent to this serene outdoor space is their stunning indoor climate-controlled barn, crafted from heavy timber white oak—a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.

SpringHaus Farm pine tree area
Pine tree ceremony site
Pine tree rendering
Coming Soon! Fall of 2024

Key Tips for Planning Your Outdoor Wedding:

1. Visit the Venue: Begin by scheduling a tour of SpringHaus Farm to see firsthand the breathtaking outdoor pine ceremony area. This step allows you to envision how your wedding will unfold amidst the beauty of mature pines and country setting—a place where Mother Nature shines at her finest.
SpringHaus Farm Rendering
As of June 2024, SpringHaus Farm building era!

2. Weather Contingency Plan: While outdoor weddings offer unparalleled beauty, it’s vital to have some sort of a backup plan in case of inclement weather. SpringHaus Farm’s large 5,000 SF indoor white oak barn ensures you can seamlessly transition your ceremony or reception indoors without sacrificing the charm of your chosen venue.

SpringHaus Farm
Indoor rendering of SpringHaus Farm

3. Décor and Styling: Embrace nature's beauty in your surroundings by incorporating seasonal flowers, local greenery, and charming whimsical or rustic accents into your décor. Consider the natural hues of SpringHaus Farm’s landscape—greens, browns, and subtle earth tones—to complement your chosen color palette. We love the look of our red Georgia clay in the fall!

4. Comfort for Guests: Ensure all of your guests are comfortable throughout the day with thoughtful amenities such as shaded areas nestled within the pines, in the heat of Georgia possible look at renting cooling stations if necessary as well. SpringHaus Farm’s amenities and attentive team ensure that all of your family and friends will enjoy the festivities without worrying about the elements.
SpringHaus Farm Pine tree rendering space

5. Photography Opportunities: Capitalize on the natural beauty of SpringHaus Farm for unforgettable wedding photos. From the majestic pine tree ceremony site to the rustic barn and large oaks, every corner of the venue offers a picturesque backdrop for capturing your special moments.
3 large Oaks SpringHaus Farm "Heart Trees"
Large Oak Tree swing rendering

6. Personal Touches: Infuse both of your personalities into your special day by incorporating personal touches and unique details specific to your love story. Whether it’s handmade décor or personalized vows, these elements add a distinctive charm to your outdoor celebration.

SpringHaus Farm
Add personal unique touches to your ceremony

Planning the perfect outdoor (& indoor) wedding requires a special recipe that involves a dusting of detail, a slice of creativity, and a deep appreciation for nature’s beauty. At SpringHaus Farm Wedding & Event Venue, nestled in the heart of Comer, GA, you’ll find the ideal backdrop for your dream wedding—a place where timeless romance meets the tranquility of the country. Start envisioning your dream day today by scheduling a tour and experiencing the enchanting outdoor pine ceremony site and beautiful white oak indoor barn. Let SpringHaus Farm be the canvas upon which your love story unfolds, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In love & friendship,


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