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Creating a safe space

When I was invited to a FB live and zoom about LGBTQ+ weddings, at first I wasn’t sure I was going to attend. Mostly because I thought we were going to be a venue that included everyone, (mind you, the word inclusive in the industry sounds more like you offer everything…so there was that!) But I was led to at least listen. And I really learned a lot.

I learned that I wasn’t as open or including as I thought I was. I don’t think it is a bad thing because I am open to learning. I learned a lot of my verbiage is very limited to specific genders and may make someone feel left out. I don’t ever want to make someone feel like they aren’t welcomed.

When we moved down here to Georgia, we didn’t fit in. We had several people say to us we didn’t sound like we were from here, or “I don’t know how they do it up North but we don’t do that down here in the south!” When you hear those words it stings. We didn’t initially feel welcomed. I don’t ever want my actions to make someone else feel that way. So I am opening my eyes and ears to ways we can include everyone in our love story. Because let’s face it, we all deserve to love and be loved.

Update regarding construction…the windows are here and go in today/tomorrow! Happy Friday Eve!

In love & friendship,


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