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Building our dream

I have been really venturing out lately, mindful of how I want our business to progress as we build and actually SEE the dream coming to life!

A Wonderful mentor Didi from Wedding Venue Owners & Management Community encouraged a blog challenge! And who isn’t up for a challenge?!? The loan process was a horrific challenge, and we got through that! The GC who cancelled last minute, that was a challenge! The issues with the prints…yep, another challenge. But, we continue to persevere because isn’t life one big challenge after challenge! I mean, walking when we were toddlers was a challenge, but we didn’t quit when we fell the first time right! We got up, maybe after some tears, maybe not, but we tried again. And again. And again.

So, with that, if you are in the fast lane of securing your dream, make sure to take a scenic route every now and again because you are going to fall repeatedly! Just dust yourself off, pull up your big girl or boy panties, and go again.

We got this!

In love & friendship,


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